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    Easter Lily Flower Essence

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      Easter Lily Flower Essence

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      The flower essence of Easter Lily, lilium longiflorum. This video discusses the use of this flower essence for COPD, it helped my father get off hospice. See sections starting at the beginning, and at 8 min 30 seconds.

      I have primarily seen this used successfully for PCOS (associated cysts and acne) and bronchitis, clearing up mucus or stagnation either in the female reproductive tract or lungs.  

      To learn more about Easter lily and female (AFAB) reproductive health, check out this video.

      Emotionally Easter or trumpet lily is association with tension around sexuality. There may be concerns about purity or conflict around the virgin whore dichotomy. It tends to promote the reality you can be sexual as well as religious or spiritual. 

      In Chinese medicine lily is used for coughs and bronchitis.


      Recommended administration: add 5 drops to a liter of water and sip throughout the day. You can also take one drop on top of the tongue daily or as needed. 



      Easter lily is one of the seven herbs features in Matthew Wood's book, Seven Herbs: Plants as Teachers.


      Contains: Easter Lily flower essence in water and alcohol for a preservative (local brandy). 

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