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    Avocado Vinyl Sticker

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      Avocado Vinyl Sticker

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      Avocado sticker with the cutest pit ever. 

      I am lucky because my dreams often give me solid medical advice, eg when to ask for labs, what the cause of an illness is, herbal remedies, etc.  I asked for dream advice for a health problem and the answer I got was to eat avocados!

      I did some research and found this is a great idea that has plenty of evidence behind it. 

      Some studies:

      Helps decrease belly fat in women, improving heart health

      Improves attention in overweight populations

      Weekly consumption improves cardiovascular health (around 20% reduced risk of heart attack

      Improves skin firmness and elasticity on your face

      Super good call on my dream guide's part...and so yummy. This sticker is the perfect reminder to eat avocados for your health. 

      3" x 1.8" vinyl sticker. Printed on premium permanent adhesive film with a glossy weather-resistant laminate. PVC-free and environmentally friendly. Dishwasher safe. 

      from Little Woman Goods.

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