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    Astral in Body Roll Your Own Herbal Smoking Blend or Tea

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      Astral in Body Roll Your Own Herbal Smoking Blend or Tea

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      Roll your own cigarettes, smoke from a pipe, or drink as a tea with our loose smoking blend.

      Astral in Body is a wonderful social smoke if you are up for unusual conversations. Would you rather talk about fairies, aliens, or the moon than sports, politics or the weather? Invite friends and acquaintances to join in a smoke and watch the conversation shift. Avoid texting and other significant decisions until you know how this blend affects you. Depending on how sensitive you are this blend can make you feel giddy or ethereal. 

      This blend helps smooth out intense moon energies. Some uses include: moon ceremonies, new and full moon intention settings (sign up for our newsletter to get new and full moon astrology updates), easing tension during the full moon, and reducing stress during eclipses and difficult moon signs or transits for you.

      Organic &/or wildcrafted ingredients: mullein, yarrow, mugwort and blue vervein 

      Astral in Body ingredientes, hierbas orgánicas y/o cosechado salvaje: gordolobo, milenrama, artemisa, y verbena azul.

      One pouch contains enough dried herbs to roll approximately 20 cigarettes. 

      More information on:

      Mugwort and the Moon


      **This product contains no tobacco, no thc, no cbd, nor any nicotine. 

      These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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      Our company was founded on the belief that it is possible to heal and transform anything. Herbal cigarettes to help break your addiction to tobacco? Yes.

      Herbal consultations and natural medicine to help empower you on your healing journey? Yes.

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