Product FAQ

For specific information on our individual products please see product descriptions and/or check out our video blog.


What kind of herbs do you use?

We strive to use all organic herbs. On rare occasions we will need to use a wildcrafted herb source that is free from chemicals in order to continually provide the blends we make. The herbs are sourced as locally as possible depending on availability. Our standard suppliers are based in Oregon. 


What's the difference between Filtered and Classics?

Our classic cigarettes are entirely hand made and instead of a cellulose filter they have a small peice of rolled up paper that functions multiple ways: it keeps most herbs from your mouth, it has a color coded bear on it (so you know what cigarette blend you are smoking) and has a beautiful message written on it. The classics are entirely compostable but you may want to keep you crutch message :) They are a fuller smoke, but still lighter than most tobacco and other common smokeables in my opionion.

Filtered cigarettes look very similar to common cigarettes. The filter is high flow to make it easier to get your medicine. However, because the herbs are gentler than tobacco you may experience these as more like an "ultra lite" smoke. The first part of the cigarette tends to be harder to draw through (because of the density of the herbs) and then it tends to feel more like you are getting smoke in your mouth. 

Some people like to have a lighter smoke, some a more full bodied smoke. It's your preference. If you are used to smoking tobacco smokes regularly you may prefer our classics.


Burning issues: 

It works best if you light the entire tip of the cigarette. This is the number one way to avoid canoeing/uneven burning. As a former tobacco smoker I remember being able to light only a part of the cigarette and everything would work great. Not so with ours, because....

Our cigarette papers do not contain any chemicals to help them burn evenly. We use several herbs in each blend and they each have different burn rates. This makes the process a little more complicated than smoking just tobacco or other plants individually. We are always working to improve our cigarettes. Because of the nature of the blends and the production process being more manual than mechanized there will be variability in the way the cigarette burns.

What are your papers and filters made out of?

The papers for both the filtered and classic herbal cigarettes are a sustainable mix of hemp and flax materials. There are no chemicals in the papers to provide consistent, even burning like you will find in standard tobacco smokes and many commercial herbal smokes. The filters are a higher flow and are made out of wood fiber...cellulose acetate. 


Can I return my item?

All sales are final because these products are primarily consumables. That said, if you have a problem with the quality of a product, please bring it to our attention and we will do our best to remedy the situation. 


Smoking herbs vs smoking tobacco, how is this for my lungs?

I created my smokes to help people disengage from tobacco habits. Read my blog post on this subject for more info/thoughts.