Yarrow for Warriors

Article published at: May 14, 2022 Article author: Lily Michaud
Yarrow for Warriors
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Yarrow, or Achillea Millefolium, is the pink flower pictured above. The typical flower used medicinally is white. Other types of yarrow are used in flower essences as well. Pink is often used for healing the energetic field, which imparts strength and resilience to attacks. 

Historically Yarrow was used on battlefields for cuts to the artery. I have seen it save people from trips to the emergency department. It is helpful with moderating blood in general, making it excellent support to people who bleed (especially menstruators). Clear the wound of any debris before applying yarrow on or near an injury. I usually prefer the tincture for this. If you are wounded in the field and see some, you can chew the yarrow and place it next to a rinsed wound. It should quickly slow or stop bleeding.

On an energetic level, yarrow is helpful for healing holes in the energetic field which can be caused by various types of trauma, including physical injury. Healing the energetic field gives the person a sense of strength, solidity, and impermeability that makes it much easier to press forward into battle or just our everyday lives without feeling overwhelmed by others. 
For bleeding or clotting issues, energetic maintenance, and (in the case of Astral in Body) giggles...I recommend yarrow. It is an herb no home should be without.


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