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    Plant Meditation Club: Herbs of Traditional Western Herbalism, week 2.

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      Plant Meditation Club: Herbs of Traditional Western Herbalism, week 2.

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      Join us as we learn about traditional western herbalism through our Plant Meditation Club. Each month you will receive one unknown herb to take as tea and meditate with. You will also receive instructions for plant meditation and participating on our community blog.

      Each month you will be mailed one herb from Traditional Western Herbalism. 

      The reveal date will the be the 23rd of the month. The herb will be sent out two weeks prior (by the 8th) and the blog post will be up to receive you experiences in the comments by the 15th. Please post your experiences before the reveal date. :)



      Steep the tea to an enjoyable taste. Take the tea and close your eyes. Take note of the taste, texture, mouth feel. If you are meditating on an essence, simply add a few drops to a cup of water and sip, then meditate. Check in with the herb and let it know your intention. I like to express my desire to learn from the plant and how it likes to work, and also offer that the plant is welcome to learn from me too. Sit for about ten minutes with your eyes closed. Allow yourself to be aware of how your body feels. Do you feel your energy drawn to a specific area? Do you feel symptoms or improvement of symptoms of a health imbalance? What songs or memories come into your head? Pay attention to all of these. After ten minutes, take some time to document your experiences. Then have some more tea and again meditate. 

      I recommend having a daily silent meditation practice to become more familiar with who you are and how you feel internally.

      Reveal Dates are Noted on Each Herb or Essence:

      1. During the week before the reveal date, meditate with your herb or essence.

      2. Before the reveal date, look for the post with the reveal date that matches the herb/essence and use the comments to share your experience. The more you share the more you contribute to the collective knowledge! Plants/essences work on emotional and spiritual levels. We would particularly love to hear what feelings and memories surface so we can better understand each medicine's gifts.

      3. On the reveal date, the blog post will share meditation experiences with the plant, as well as traditional and contemporary uses! See what others experienced and learn more about the way the plants/essences are being used.

      I recommend having a daily silent meditation practice to become more familiar with who you are and how you feel internally. 

      Thank you for participating and I look forward to learning with you. 

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