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Brown Bear Herbs

I am a Hologram Sticker

$ 2.00

Brown Bear Herbs

I am a Hologram Sticker

$ 2.00

This is a manifestation tool/affirmation that your mystery is seen. 

Do you identify as having multiple identities? Do you present one side to friends and another to your work? Do you keep a secret no one gets to see? Do other people impose their stereotypes on you? 

Use this sticker to reminde yourself that what you are connecting to on the inside is projected outwards on a subtle level. I sometimes am able to see these shifts in people. Sometimes this is a treat to my vision and sometimes it is sad.


Is what you are connecting to more






coming from external ideas/stereotypes


We all need to observe and heal our shadow self. Keep sending yourself back to your center. Observe and find peace within. If you want to manifest change in your life, be thoughtful, make sure it is a change that results in win-win situations.

Perhaps hologram thinking is the basis for manifestation techniques that suggest that you must feel as though you are currently living the desired future. In my own life, I find that the quickest way to plant a seed for depression is to believe negative views people project onto me. I say, skip that!  Stay centered and decide how people see you. 

I tried to make the sticker subtle but pretty just like how I see these shifts when they are positive. It's really impossible to know anyone after a quick glance (and even after years!). If you're not sure who is standing in front of you think green in your heart. Green connects you to the heart'll be keeping and open mind with an open heart. 

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