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Brown Bear Herbs

Clear Mind Herbal Cigarettes--Filtered

$ 17.00

Brown Bear Herbs

Clear Mind Herbal Cigarettes--Filtered

$ 17.00

This is our lightest blend of herbs and this pack is filtered too. It has a hint of mint that is felt more than tasted. This blend is cooling and calming to the emotions. The herbs in this blend have historically been used to still the mind.

Take a moment for yourself before you meditate, begin a project, when you're getting ready to brainstorm, or when you're just feeling the vibe on a nature excursion.

Organic Ingredients: gotu kola, spearmint, linden, and mullein.

Clear Mind ingredientes, hierbas orgánicas y/o cosechado salvaje: gordolobo, gotu kola, yerba bueña, y tilo.

12 per pack, filtered. Stuffed with love in Portland, OR. 


More information:

Gotu Kola



"I had only been smoking for a handful of years, I would use smoking as a coping mechanism, for things from normal stresses to disassociative episodes. The amount I would smoke fluctuated from one a week to a pack a week. 
The first pack of Brown Bear Smokes I used was the Clear Mind filtered pack. At current, I haven't used tobacco since February 2020, and with these smokes, I don't feel a need to. I started using them instead of tobacco every time I felt a need to turn to my unhealthy coping mechanism, but now I find myself cut down to only when my mental health is challenged, one pack will likely last me almost three months.
Using Brown Bear Smokes has allowed me to realize it wasn't the toxic or destructive ingredients that I needed in my coping...that there are better options out there."


Alasdair, L.
United Kingdom, Cornwall



Tips: this blend is usually a favorite of solo smokers, writers, and MJ fans

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**This herbal blend contains no tobacco, no nicotine, no THC, nor CBD. The filter is high flow and made from cellulose (wood fiber). The papers are a mix of flax and hemp fibers.

**Our filtered cigarettes smoke like *ultra lites* from what people report. This is a lighter blend, so some people prefer it in our classic version.