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  • Your New Moon Horoscope!
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Your New Moon Horoscope!

Your New Moon Horoscope!

New Moon in Aquarius, 2/11/2021, 11:03 am, Portland, OR.

23.17 degrees, Sabian symbol: A man turning his back on his passions teaches deep wisdom from his experience 

This new moon is part of a fixed air stellium in Aquarius composed of the Sun, Moon, Mercury retrograde, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn with enough spread that the entire sign is activated from early to late degrees. It is Aquarian season with a bang, opening channels to flashes of intuition, sudden insights, a heightened ability to recognize patterns, and a creative urge to communicate, spread ideas, and connect with genius—your own and the spirit of the moment. It is serendipity’s stage and the background scrim sparkles in a rare way. 

Other than the Sun and Moon, the closest conjunction within the stellium is Venus with Jupiter. This generous pairing invites big attraction, big love, big money, and inflation of art markets. As my first yoga teacher used to say, this should feel good. But it won’t all be strawberry kisses. Thorns live in this rosebush, too.

Uranus is squaring Saturn, triggering an ancient conflict between tradition and radicalization, old and new, society and utopia, container and chaos, history and time. This rough dancing is social, generational, political, and sets the tone for fashion trends and tastemakers.  

The universe is threading the needle with an opportunity right now: Uranus in Taurus trines the asteroid Opportunity in Capricorn. Both Opportunity and Uranus sextile Abundantia (Abundance).  Abundantia is in Pisces. 

Piscean abundance is the stuff dreams are made of but make no mistake: this won't be spun sugar. With the goat and bull involved, you can count on real value. These earthy beasties facilitate materialization. This is about making dreams come true. The thing about this opportunity is this: you will not have been planning for it. What is not planned for sometimes goes unseen. 

Be on the lookout for SURPRISE OPPORTUNITY. It opens a channel to ABUNDANCE. 

The sky is dominated by fixed energy in air and earth. It is hard not to mention the notion of stubbornness with this sky, but stubbornness can be a tool in your infinite toolbox. It can be powerful to stand firm, be consistent, and carry a project, or an ideal, through to completion. 

Productive social thinking is encouraged during this time. Stubbornly hold space for Otherness, for outsiders, for aliens, for the entire spectrum of light and being. This is advocacy energy. Fight for humanity with humanity. 

Now on to the horoscopes by sign. This horoscope is best read for your rising sign, though sun and moon placements will yield insights. If you want to know your rising sign, head over to 

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Aries: Seeding new ideas around your flock.

This new moon period invites you to consider how you connect with others, share your message, and find your tribe. Birds of a feather, and all of that. Think about how you give and receive energy from the people who constitute your network. How has your network grown in the past year? Does it reflect your hopes and dreams for yourself? You have the agency to create the social connections you want to realize and share the best version of yourself possible. You are a badass pioneer who is stronger with your tribe.

Mars (conjunct the asteroid Bonus!) energizes your sector of money, material resources, and values. Mars in Venusian Taurus likes the material world. It feels satisfying to invest in beauty and quality, and it also feels satisfying to work hard for what you want.

Surprise opportunity may spark in your career sector, which is an exciting and apt place for it.

Important messages about how you communicate, think, and write may arrive during these weeks. If so, assimilate them since they speak to your life path.


Taurus: Seeding new ideas around your public image and your career. 

This is an important new moon for you. It will help make sense and bring to light what has been fomenting in your root system over the past year. It is a sort of public rebirth, or social reawakening.

Mars energizes your sector of self. You can build, or regain, physical vitality. Mars in Taurus takes self-care seriously, honoring and beautifying the body. You will have energy to push your cause forward in the world.

Surprise opportunity comes from a legal, spiritual, or professional advisor, from an institute of higher learning, or from wisdom gleaned during your own search for truth.

Important messages come about your material resources or values that align with your life path at this moment in time.


Gemini: Seeding new ideas around what truth, goodness, and justice means to you.

This time encourages you to look up from the onslaught of news, information, and inputs. You will notice that your personal horizons have altered. What ideas and ideologies have you outgrown? Thinking about big ideas in a balanced, critical, and rigorous way will lead to great insights. Over the next few weeks, a room in your mind opens that invites you to grow in wisdom. You do not need to rush this. 

Mars energizes the sector of the subconscious, giving you hidden powers during this time. If needed, you have the strength (mars) of the gods (12th house). Uranus is there as well, likely interrupting your sleep. The upside is flashes of insight into your innerscapes. If you are up at two am, write whatever comes to your mind. It will be rich material.

Surprise opportunity comes from intimate partners, legacy and inheritance, tax breaks, and psychoanalysis.

Important messages arrive that are directly about you--your life path and your personal identity. 


Cancer: Seeding new ideas about shared resources, legacy, and deep intimacy.

The new moon stellium hits your sector of shared resources, inheritance, legacy, taxes, and secrets. Venus and Jupiter are shining here, attracting money, or resources, from others. This is an excellent time to apply for grants, fellowships, and funding of all sorts.

Mars energizes your sector of hopes and dreams, friends, and social network.

Surprise opportunity brought to you by a partner or business partner.

Important messages come from your psyche, your deep past, and people you have lost. Listen to your dreams. Write your dreams down for a couple of weeks so the insights are not lost. These treasures are fragile and fleeting. 


Leo: Seeding new ideas about partnership.

The new moon stellium inhabits the part of your life that deals with how you interact with others, both personally and professionally. How do you show up in the different partnerships in your life? What powers do you give away through partnership? How do you value the partnerships in your life? How do your relationships reflect your values? 

Mars energizes your sector of career and public standing. Uranus is here, too, so there may be some electrical awakenings and flashes of brilliance.

Surprise opportunity arrives through a colleague. If you want to adopt a small pet, this might be an opportune time.  

Important messages come from your social network. Listen with an open heart.


Virgo: Seeding new ideas about healthy life routines.

The new moon stellium hits your sector of health, daily life, your work environment, and how you assimilate and integrate to achieve wholeness as a person. It invites you to think (Mercury) about your processes (6th house) and make positive and impactful changes (Sun/new moon). Having a highly functional life naturally interests Virgos, so this period promises to be invigorating and productive.

Mars energizes your sector of big ideas, future planning, finding your truths, and long journeys. It could also indicate a frustrating legal battle.

Opportunity comes through self-expression and creativity, playing sports, children, and romantic liaisons.

 Important messages arrive about your public life, career, and social standing in the world.


Libra: Seeding new ideas about self-expression.

The new moon stellium vitalizes the sector that houses self-expression, creativity, music, theater, dance, sports, children, and romantic sex. This is where you live your joy. What changes might you make to bring more delight, more sparkle, more vitality into your creative and romantic life? 

Mars energizes your desire for deep intimacy and sharing resources with another person. 

Opportunity is found right at home, maybe in the home itself, or through family.

Important messages come from the legal realm or that of a trusted advisor.


Scorpio: Seeding new ideas about your home, family, and personal foundation.

The new moon stellium lives in your root system, your personal foundation. It speaks to new understandings around your family, your ancestral inheritance, and what home means to you at this point in your life. 

Mars energizes your desire for partnerships, both personal and professional. This mars is Venus-ruled, which attracts value. Look for enriching partnerships. 

Opportunity comes through a sibling or neighbor or somebody in your community.

Important messages arrive concerning inheritance, debts, and/or taxes.


Sagittarius: Seeding new ideas about how to communicate effectively.

The new moon stellium inhabits the sector of your neighborhood, your community, what constitutes the background of your life, and most importantly, your communication and thought patterns. 

Mars energizes your day-to-day work life and health routines. You might want to beautify your home office. Mars in Taurus likes to graze and sit, so make it a daily practice to move around. Your spine and hips will thank you.

Opportunity appears in your house of money and personal resources.

Important messages about your life path arrive through partnerships, personal and professional, over the next few weeks.


Capricorn: Seeding new ideas about your personal finances, material resources, and values.

The new moon stellium lives in a sector of life that innately interests practical Capricorns: their finances. What adjustments need to be made to achieve your financial goals? Venus and Jupiter attract material goodness, so now is a great time to ask for a raise, or to give yourself one.

Mars in Taurus activates your self-expression, creativity, interest in sports, entrepreneurship, and speculative investing.

Look for a surprise opportunity that speaks to you personally and aligns with your life path.

Important messages come at this time about your health or daily work/life routine.


Aquarius: Seeding new ideas about YOU. 

Get ready for your glow up, Water Bearer. The new moon stellium falls in the house of you: your life path, your identity, your heroic journey. After so much time thinking about others, it is time to shed some of that brilliant light onto yourself. This portal invites positive changes that empower you. Go get it, star baby.

You have energy for your home and family. You may want to beautify your home. 

Surprise opportunity comes from the spiritual realm, your dreams, lost ancestors. Listen to your ghosts.

Important messages arrive from or about children, lovers, and creative output.


Pisces: Seeding new ideas about what is possible for your life.

The new moon stellium shows up in your subconscious, your dream life. This is a deep placement and all it requires is for you to surrender and have faith in the most mysterious processes governing existence. This is the quantum realm. What happens here is called magic because we do not have a better name for it.

Mars energizes your communication. Now is the time to sing. Use your voice and celebrate your unique vibration. 

Opportunity comes from your network and it strengthens you.

Important messages come from or about your home and family.


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