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  • January Horoscopes: Seeding New Power Structures
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January Horoscopes: Seeding New Power Structures

January Horoscopes: Seeding New Power Structures

New Moon: 1/12/2021 9:02pm PST 23-24 degrees Capricorn

Sabian Symbol: a woman entering a convent

Every new moon is a period of nurturing potential in the fertile darkness. With the new moon in Capricorn, we are seeding new power structures in different areas of our lives. This new moon invites all of us to step into our emotional maturity and take responsibility (Capricorn) for our own self-care (moon). The Sabian symbol for this new moon is a woman entering a convent. This suggests a moment of stillness, inner focus, and contemplation.

Innately aware of how to navigate through social hierarchies, this Capricorn new moon provides support for fundraising activities and grantmaking. Venus and the asteroid Opportunity are conjunct in the beginning of the sign. This is energy that attracts (Venus) opportunities (Opportunity!) for material support (Capricorn).

Advocacy around accessibility and social justice gets a powerful energetic channel with Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury conjunct in Aquarius. Restructuring rules and regs (Saturn) for increased (Jupiter) accessibility (Aquarius). In general, we are entering an excellent time for rulemaking, crafting humane laws, rules, and regulations, tasks that Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury are particularly well-equipped to do in fair and intellectual Aquarius. 

In this new moon drama, the Oscar goes to Pluto. The moon is nearly conjunct Pluto. Pluto in the mix indicates a healing crisis. Take heed: Moon/Pluto can be ruthless. On lower vibrations, it elicits underhanded, manipulative, suspicious behavior that is driven by existential fear. On higher vibrations, it triggers profound and irreversible transformation. Pluto leads you to a dark place where you receive knowledge that changes you fundamentally. Persephone entered Pluto’s realms a girl and returned a queen.

If this sounds heavy, it might be. The key to surviving a Pluto experience is surrender. Have your emotional First-Aid kit ready and remember this: Pluto does not just want to burn you to the ground. It wants to burn you to the ground so you can rise again, radiant and powerful.   

A stabilizing grand trine in earth with Part of Fortune, Mars, Opportunity, Uranus, and Venus offers material support during this time. With Part of Fortune in Virgo, the grand earth trine invites activating your VOCATION.

Mercury also plays a role in this new moon. It sits in Aquarius, along with Saturn and Jupiter. The Saturn/Jupiter/Mercury trio are a seed packet, too, inviting the opportunity to get serious about making plans and setting a foundation for growth.

Another energetic signature is Mars in Taurus squaring Saturn in Aquarius. Mars/Saturn squares fall on the spectrum of irritating to just awful. It is instant karma. In this match-up, Saturn is the stronger planet so know when to flow, to have grace and get the work done. If the willful clash is overcome, an empowered Mars/Saturn brings disciplined strength and is nearly unstoppable. This is the pairing that wins marathons.


Now for the new moon horoscopes by sign. These horoscopes, like most horoscopes, are written for your rising sign, your ascendant. If you want to know your ascendant, go to and input your data.


Aries: Seeding new power structures in your career and public life

The next few weeks see a new story developing in your professional life, your public persona and social role. It may be bumpy, but this time will help you uncover your true calling. With Pluto in this sector, you may enjoy an increase in power, or your shadow side may be publicly revealed. Either way, act with humility and dignity. The wheel is always turning.

You will have energy to learn new things about the world, the zanier the better. Do the research - knowledge is a potent resource. If the opportunity comes around to be in the role of a teacher/instructor/or mentor, take it.

Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury light up your sector of friends and peers, hopes and goals, social networks and tribes. Connect with your network - get your zines, blogs, posts, ‘grams, snaps, chats, newsletters and ideas out there. We are stronger together and now is the time to take that truth to heart.


Taurus: Seeding new power structures in your life’s framework and journeys

What is your truth? What do you believe? The next few weeks invite you to process the challenges to your personal freedom and belief system that the pandemic brought to your door and contemplate what authenticity means to you. This is a great time to plan for publication or wider dissemination of your ideas.

Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury light up your career and public life, inviting you to seriously plan for growth and expansion. If you do not know where to start, talk to a career coach. This is an important time in your professional life.

Thinking about getting a new certification or going back to school? Thinking of teaching a class or webinar? Go for it. You directly benefit by taking action to learn new things and/or share your knowledge and expertise.


Gemini: Seeding new power structures in shared resources, karma, and debt

The next few weeks may bring challenges since the new moon is nestled in a shadowy, hidden area of life that deals with real and karmic debts, birth and death cycles, deep intimacy, and complete vulnerability. You may feel a need to chill on the sex front during this new moon. The next few weeks could also herald a transformation in your joint finances. Maybe it is time to refinance, get a mortgage, or pay off your credit cards.

Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury light up your sector of big ideas, travel, and exploration. It is a great time to get serious about your belief systems.

You have energy to overcome fears and phobias, and to work behind the scenes. You may feel like your efforts are going unseen, but you can accomplish extraordinary feats during this time. Take care to protect yourself from unseen enemies – wear an amulet, say a protection charm, and smudge.


Cancer: Seeding new power structures in relationships

Capricorn is interested in structure, so this may be a time when a newer relationship solidifies, or an existing relationship deepens. With Venus and Opportunity also in material-minded Capricorn, this bodes particularly well for a business partnership. There may be a crisis that tests the relationship with Pluto involved. Relationships that are started around this time have an intensity and gravity to them.

Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury in Aquarius are seeding a new story in the sector of life that deals with joint finances, debt, and karma, and life processes. This may signal the easing of a significant burden.

Mars, Academia, and Uranus light up the sector that deals with social network, peers, hope, and future planning. Surprise old school friends with an email! With the Mars square to Saturn, it will be important that your activities online are appropriate. If not, Saturn will come calling. Saturn in Pluto’s natural home is not a trivial placement. It is the Piper.


LEO: Seeding new power structures in your health and daily routine

The transformative crisis here could be a health crisis that brings big healing. Capricorn here invites you to get basic: eat simply, move your bones, and rest when you need rest. Look to your daily schedule and simplify. Make sure you get value from what you do.

Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and Abundance light your relationship sector, which could mean getting serious about the idea of a big partnership. This might be a business or professional partnership. If it is a personal relationship, it might indicate that it is time to make a big decision.

Surprising action in the sector that rules your public life, your career and social status. Expect the unexpected and get ready for your close-up—there is a lot of energy and activity in the public eye. Find a creative solution to resolving conflicts between your relationships and your career.


VIRGO: Seeding new power structures in romance, self-expression, and children

If having a child is part of your plan, this is a good time for that sort of seeding activity. Or it may be time to withdraw, take a breath, and reflect on what you have created, what you want to create, and your role as generator, maker, lover, and artist. Venus and Opportunity in this sector bodes well for dating and relationships, as well as artistic output.

This is the time to begin efficient and logical routines in health and daily life. Routines started now can bring about lasting benefits. This is not about making half-hearted resolutions. This is a real window of opportunity to bring some fresh air to your daily life.

You have energy for exploration, journeying, higher learning, and debate. You may find a conflict over ideologies and belief systems, or travel plans may be thwarted.


Libra: Seeding new power exchanges at home and with parents

This energy could spark cleaning and organizing your space, withdrawing into your home and your family, and coming to terms with how your parents and upbringing have forged you. With transformative Pluto here, this inner work invites deep healing. Look at psychological patterns of inheritance, and on a material level, look at the plumbing. If you are in the northern hemisphere, make sure you are winterizing appropriately.

Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and Abundance support getting serious about self-expression, taking a calculated risk, planning for speculative or artistic ventures, and generating new fruitful ideas.

Do not be surprised if efforts may be temporarily frustrated  around fertility and creativity. Self-expression may feel stymied. Taking a romantic relationship to the next level of connection and merging might be harder than you expected but push through the blockages to get to the nectar.




Scorpio: Seeding new power structures in communication and your community

Does your communication reflect the complexity and depth of your mind? Quiet the noise so you can hear the signal. These few weeks invite contemplation about how you communicate and use your mental and verbal power.

This is a time to look at how you coexist with others in your home and family. Are there outsiders or people in your family who have been alienated for their difference or Otherness? People often think that “nothing ever changes” when it comes to family, but this is a time when new family stories can emerge – ones that are more inclusive and kinder.

You have energy for partnerships, both personal and business. In fact, you may have some relational conflict and frustration. It may feel like an intractable situation with stubbornness on both sides, but the winds will change and something unexpected will happen, unexpected and enlightening.


Sagittarius: Seeding new power structures in material resources and self-value

In these weeks, issues with money point to deeper issues of self-value. See what your checkbook tells you. It may also be the time to take your material life seriously and contemplate what sort of foundation you are providing yourself. How are your actions with money helping you achieve your life goals?

This period supports deep and clear thinking. It might be gainful to refresh your role in the family structure and get to know your siblings as adults. It can be easy to take these people in your life for granted because they have always been there.

You have energy to devote to your health routines, daily patterns, pets, and coworkers. Something about where you work, or who you work with, may radically change.


Capricorn: Seeding new power structures with yourself, your body, and your identity

This new moon invites you to check in with yourself and show your body some love and care. Visit the dentist, do an at-home facial, and look to your posture. Does your carriage reflect a strong, stable core? If not, what adjustments need to be made? It would be a wonderful time to take a personal retreat and reflect on the course your life is taking. If you live near a lake or pond, spend some time there. The still depths reflect your own depths and stillness.

Get in touch with your own authority and power. You are responsible for you—and that means giving yourself the tenderness, compassion, and care you deserve. A personal crisis serves your highest good.

Take some time to review and organize your material resources: get your portfolio in order, write a will, know your numbers, and make bold financial goals.

There’s juicy energy for pleasure, erotic potential for kink and body exploration, and desire for romance and fun. With everything you take on, it may feel like a struggle to make time for sex and games, so fight the good fight and carve time to take pleasure in your life.


Aquarius: Seeding new power structures in your subconscious

This time activates your ability to quiet your mind and spiritualize, whatever that means for you. Things are happening on the aetheric plane. Sleep as much as you need. Create moments of stillness. You can trust yourself on the deepest level. Your mind will not defeat you. Honor your losses and grieve your dead. You are not alone, and you are strong enough to transform whatever needs to be transformed.

Are you on your right path? If you are, now is the time to plan for growth. If you need to adjust, do so and get your story back on its narrative rails. You are the author, and you can see yourself more clearly than usual. You may have to press against your upbringing, your heritage, your family. Press through to get to the place where you feel in integrity, in control, and in your own temple. It is necessary life work. You cannot run around acting out someone else's life story.

You have energy for your home and family right now. Something unexpected might happen at home, to the home, or to a parent.


Pisces: Seeding new power structures in friendships, hopes and goals, social networks

During this time, you might withdraw from online activity so you can contemplate the role you play virtually. What sort of virtual citizen are you? Is it in integrity with who you are in your “real” life? This moment invites you to realize that your online life and your material life are the same life.

What does getting serious about your hopes and dreams right now look like? This is a period when you can make material progress and build the future you want to inhabit. Dare to dream and dare to make those dreams real. 

If you feel mentally disordered or disarrayed, starting therapy, seeking counseling, and dealing with your “stuff” is strongly supported. You do not have to live with constant anxiety.

Look for opportunities to volunteer in your community and bring your vast heart, creative mind, and gentle music to those who need to believe that goodness exists right next door. You are that goodness.



Wilde + Iris offers astrological advising and women’s empowerment coaching. Do you want to tap into the energies of abundance and opportunity in your life? Are you in touch with your life’s vocation and true passion? Contact Wilde + Iris at for a personal horoscope, a natal reading, or the answer to a pressing question. 

In gratitude and love,

Wilde + Iris

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