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Full Moon in Virgo

Full Moon in Virgo

The moon is at its fullest on March 7th at 4:40 am PST,  6:40 am ET, at 16 degrees of Virgo. Scroll down for the astrological chart from

I often feel the full moon requires us to choose to appreciate either the physical body or the emotions. Usually, I either feel tired physically, and emotionally well, or emotionally tense but, strong physically. If I can choose, I pick being physically tired but happy. I sense this full moon will very much test the polarity between our emotions and the body. 

Virgo is often too brass tacks for sensitive Pisces energy. Both Mercury and Neptune (ruler of the moon and sun's placements at this time) are in Pisces. This means sensitivity will be high. Mars, in Gemini, creates a T-square, adding to the tension. You might find yourself blurting something out too fast, or taking action without much thought (Mars in Gemini). Or, on the other hand, your communication could be confusing as you try to say something without saying anything personal or off-putting. This day would be a good one to journal out (Mars in Gemini) your many feelings (Pisces), to-do lists or "constructive criticisms" (Virgo). Sagittarian tactics could be helpful to balance things out. They are fascinated by culture and love to explore independently. Consider culture before beginning a dialogue, or go read about philosophy or culture solo on Tuesday.

Full moons can bring up aspects of your life that are ready to be shed. But, they can also be a time to celebrate accomplishments. Have you done a good job taking care of others? Did you do deeds that were small or thoughtful, and made a difference? If so, give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy a healthy treat. Maybe some avocado chocolate pudding, or a green smoothie. Let your self have a "well done!" moment.

Unexpected changes to your work or daily routine may occur due to Uranus aspecting the full moon . Uranus is interacting very favorably, so any changes that do occur, even if unsettling, should be treated as a blessing. They may even be a result of your good work caring for others. 

Also of note, and it seems positive: Venus, Jupiter, and Chiron are together in Aries. This might be a time when favorable shifts happen around your self-worth (if you are an Aries, or have strong Aries placements). On a larger scale, legal shifts (Jupiter) may occur related to the wounds of women. In general, the themes of healing wounds (Jupiter and Chiron), self-worth (Venus), and fighting (Aries) will be at play. How can you maximize this energy gift and where does it show up in your chart? If you don't know you can go to and enter your birth data for a free birth chart.

Enjoy the exciting energy, 


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