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Brown Bear Herbs' Blog

De-Stress and Engage

De-Stress and Engage

From the newsletter, 

I am hearing and feeling a lot of grief and frustration related to the shooting in Uvalde, TX, and the threats to women's rights. I find that a combination of self-care, involving plant medicine and mindfulness, as well as taking action helps me feel less depressed and more hopeful.  


Some of my favorite herbs for frustrating times include: 

Guerrilla Puffs, a smoking blend to help you stay politically engaged and fighting in the face of injustice, mass hysteria and fear campaigns.

Clear Mind, a smoking blend for centering. 

Mother's Little Helper, is an herbal tea for anyone suffering from prolonged stress. It helps maintain mental clarity while soothing your nervous system.

Color Wheel, a flower and gem essence for seeing the color and beauty and not just the madness or bleakness.

Both gun control and abortion rights are issues that the majority of the US is unhappy about how the government is handling matters. Even when I am not sure if my actions will cause any positive change, it feels better to take action rather than give up. 

Please take some time to contact your senator and ask for gun regulation, to protect abortion rights and to eliminate the filibuster.


I recommend developing a practice of yoga, breathwork and/or meditation. Here is a link to my youtube playlist with some meditation practices. These practices are invaluable to me. I feel they have contributed to a feeling of connection to the world around me, to the healing of my body from twenty-some chronic illnesses and most importantly they allow me to center as needed, even in very difficult times. When you have more inner peace, you have more ability to direct your life. 


Since it is Gemini season and it is hard to be too serious, here is my list of videos for dark times. Most are just stuff that makes me laugh :)

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My Four Favorite Weeds--Demand Thriving, Share your Medicine

My favorite weeds are Lady's Thumb, Blackberry, Hawthorn and Wild Rose (not exactly thought of as a weed but, it grows with such vigor and thorniness maybe it should have that honor).

These herbs are wonderful for enjoying life even through hardship. Weeds are amazing examples of undiscovered medicine and robust life. If you have been treated like a weed you might want to share your hard earned medicine and give yourself some recognition for thriving in spite of it all.


Find on the Site: 

Wildcrafted Lady's Thumb tincture

Blackberry in Sexy Smokes

Rose in Sexy Smokes, Take it Easy organic herbal smoking blend, Tulsi and Rose tea, Blood and Boundaries bath, & wild rose in Color Wheel flower and gem essence.

Hawthorn tincture and hawthorn in Humanity tea.

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Color Wheel Boredom Remedy

To help make the Wheel of Fortune that we call life, more beautiful and colorful. Here is my experience with this remedy.

Gratefully receive the joy from without.

Flower and gem essences in alcohol, including: Ceanothus, Spinel, Mustard and Wild Rose.

find it here:

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