Summertime Vibes and New Moon Astro Update

Article published at: Jun 9, 2021 Article author: Lily Michaud
Summertime Vibes and New Moon Astro Update
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It's getting hot out there and there is a lot of wild mental Gemini energy right now. Here are my smoke recommendations for the moment:

Clear Mind to center that Gemini monkey mind (it happens!)

Sexy Smokes to bring that fun flirty Gemini energy into some grounded physical fun. Just saying!

I am also introducing a new product in the video below. 

Here is the astro update:

The New Moon in Gemini is exact at 20 degrees on June 10th at 3:50am PST.

During this new moon there is an eclipse, however it is partial. The full eclipse will only be visible closer to the north pole. It is likely to have eclipse properties (intense fated events likely) however it should be more be a little more mellow. First: the sun, moon, and mercury are conjunct in Gemini. Mercury is the natural ruler of Gemini and this conjunction just adds to the generally quick witted, light hearted qualities of this sign. Mental activity could feel like a lot if you are sensitive to that kind of thing. The new moon is square Neptune (in Pisces), so be careful of promises or opportunities that seem too good to be true. Saturn in Aquarius is trine (yay!) this new moon. Structures put in place by the government and healthcare governing bodies may be feeling managable for our social life. We are able to enjoy friends and chitchat outdoors. Enjoy the mood of the day.

There is still tension with the square between Saturn and Uranus (in Taurus), this reaches its second exact square on 6/14. The last square occurs 12/24. Expect a rising tension at these points during 2021 around efforts to move forward to help humanity and more conservative sections of society trying to maintain the status quo. This could be some political unrest. 

The new moon is a great time to set intentions. If you find out what house of your chart 20 degrees of Gemini falls you can set intentions related to that house for greater affect. To get a free (accurate) chart go to with your date, exact time and location of birth.

Here is the chart for all the details: 

Happy Pride!!!



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