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  • Pluto into Aquarius; Deepening Friendships through Plant Medicine
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    Arati Ursus
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Pluto into Aquarius; Deepening Friendships through Plant Medicine

Pluto into Aquarius; Deepening Friendships through Plant Medicine

From our 3/20/23 Newsletter...sign up at the footer of any page to receive our new and full moon newsletters, as well as promotions. 

Many people are feeling intense emotions and big shifts in their lives.* 

If this is coming up it is important to resource in your community, and share your feelings, rather than run and hide or resort to substance use. It can be so hard to hold space for yourself and be vulnerable in this way but, you must do it so that you can see the strength your friends can provide. We all need to find a way to work with our friends so that big emotions have a place to be addressed outside of more culturally acceptable option: therapy for those who can afford it. One hour a week is often not enough emotional support, we all need more emotional support time. As we move away from traditional societal structures that focus on family and religion, we become more centered on friend networks and broader collectives of like-minded people. Rather than keeping things "light" with our friends and using substances to deal with our uncomfortable feelings, we need to lean into friendship. At the same time, hold space for and gently let friends know that you want to help support them too. Their emotions may be stronger too. How can you see them and let them know it is something you can learn to be more comfortable with because you care? This transformation can help create a world where it is more comfortable to be sober, substance-free, or healthier (however you want to frame it). This should help us with our current opiate epidemic in the US. 

How can plant medicine help? I always love a Gentle and Protective when I am feeling blue, but there are so many more herbs and ways to support yourself. As you learn about sharing your feelings with friends, learn about nature's magic. I find the internet not so great for rich herb wisdom but very helpful for researching the metaphysical properties of flowers and gems. I LOVE them and find these essences can be positively life-changing. Flowers and gemstones are often the most beautiful, attractive areas of natural life. Take in their wisdom, loosen some emotional knots, and blossom. There are flower and gem essences for almost every emotional struggle or goal. Once you see some things you think might help, try exploring them with friends. Meditate on them together and share your experiences. Don't expect a dramatic experience. Start to love feeling a little happier, and a little freer. This is so much more helpful in the long run than fleeting spiritual experiences brought on by hallucinogens. 

I offer short essence consultations that come with a custom blend. It is my favorite thing right now because I love helping people feel better. Learn more here. Or check out some of the combos I make below. 




*What's up with this intense energy? Pluto is shifting into the sign of Aquarius. More information on this significant energy shift in the New Moon Astrology Update is below.


The new moon will be exact at 10:23 am PST on Tuesday, March 21st, and 1:23 pm ET at 0 degrees of Aries.

The astrology around this new moon is a pretty monumental. March 20th is the vernal equinox, shifting the energy to the light days of the year. March 21st is a dynamic new moon in Aries. And, on March 22nd, Pluto moves into Aquarius. Pluto has a 248-year orbit. Unless you are one of the few people who are enjoying power at the top of a pyramid, you will probably prefer the shift of power (Pluto) into the hands of the people (Aquarius). This change is a very significant for everyone, find out where 0 degrees of Aquarius is in your chart to see what areas of life it will impact. You can make a birth chart for free on if you don't have one.

During this new moon, Pluto makes a grand trine (a very strong, harmonious formation) with two other dwarf planets: Ceres (early degrees of Libra) and Sedna (late degrees of Taurus). The moon and sun oppose Ceres, making them the focal point in a kite formation. This formation gives big, intelligent energy for transformation and working through the opposition of masculine (new moon/new beginning in Aries) and feminine (Ceres in Libra).  Traditional western astrology involves six "masculine" planetary bodies, two gender-neutral (Mercury and Uranus) and two feminine ones (Venus and the moon). I am including more feminine archetypes/dwarf planets to balance out the archetypes. I find it offers a lot more resources to draw on for understanding how the world works and our psyches. All of these celestial bodies exist, it is outdated to primarily discuss masculine archetypes.

Let's look at the energies in the grand trine to understand the potential for change. Spoiler alert from NY Times. The new moon in Aries is key, it is where the force of the grand trine can express itself for transformational change. Aries is the sign of the warrior. It is associated with strong initiator energy, masculinity (archetypally), and fearless independence. Aries' tend to have inventive energy, ready to boldly explore new solutions, take out obstacles with any force needed, and make new technology.  

Pluto moving into Aquarius also represents forward motion with big changes. It is time to do some deep transformational work revolving around friendships,  humanity as a whole (Aquarius), and the themes in the area of your chart Pluto is transiting. Pluto is not a planet to ignore. Find out where you need to do work, and do it. Often there is a crisis involved, but the more you lean into transformation, the better things will go. You may even find success increasing if you grow. 

Sedna has an 11,408-year oval orbit, so switching signs in June is a big deal. Sedna's story: she refused many offers to marry. This was not popular with any of the men involved. Her father traded her into marriage for a fish, which involved some sedation. Lo and behold, the guy turned out to be a bird. Her father stepped in and rescued her. He tries to escape with her by sea. The bird man is not happy and calls the sea spirits to destroy them. To pacify the sea spirits the father sacrifices his daughter. Oh boy, talk about a father with issues! She tries to get back on the ship and her father cuts off her fingers and hits her on her head. She sinks to the sea floor where she makes a home. Three of her fingertips became different species of seal, and one full finger became a whale. She now lives on the ocean floor where her hair is filled with the ocean life she commands. Since water is the element of emotions, Sedna is really in her feels! She lives down in the dark waters that Pluto also navigates. As they trine, for 2023 and 2024, I feel Pluto will support Sedna in transforming and learning to speak out for humanity. Her transit of Gemini is a significant era (the next 42 years) for all the women and girls, the world over, who have suffered related injustices at the hands of their fathers, or the patriarchy. They should have much more support speaking out. I mean, I love seals and whales, but enough is enough for the unhinged men in our world. Legend has it that she can cause famine for hunters if the humans anger her. With Saturn in Pisces (as of early March) for the next couple of years, we may see issues with fishing related to these energies both having the combined ability to restrict water and control sea life. Don't piss off Saturn or Sedna. Instead, responsibly manage your emotions, and grant women sovereignty. :)

Ceres (last, but not least) is normally an adversary of Pluto (because he stole her daughter!) but right now they are in harmony. She battled him for a long time because he abducted her daughter Persephone. You may recall it worked out as 50/50 custody. When Persephone was with Pluto, Ceres took all life from the lands (Winter). When she was returned, life was too. If you want to eat, you need to keep Ceres happy. Ceres is happy in the sign of Libra. Here she wants more harmony for the Earth and to nurture her partners. Consider getting more out of your food experience and nurturing your partner through slow food. DIY, while channeling Ceres. 

It is so wonderful to see that this kite formation involves being able to resolve the opposition between Ceres, the nurturing mother and partner, in the feminine sign of Libra, and the new moon (new beginning) in the masculine sign of Aries. It involves Pluto supporting two (really three) stories of women who have been victimized. It is important to note that Pluto, Ceres, and Sedna are all on the cusp. Most focus has been on Pluto, but since Pluto is working in harmony with these wounded women, I see it representing a shift from a conservative approach to managing the Earth (or the reproducing female body) to an intellectual approach (air) that is relational with women. Air signs are all about relating and discovery. What fun is that without partners and friends to have great conversations with? Out with control and in with the joy of discourse. 

I am hopeful that this energy will not only help gender dynamics, but also bring in major progress for sustainable living on our planet. 

Also in Aries at the time of this new moon: Mercury, Jupiter, and Chiron. This could indicate healing and communication related to the wounded masculine. It is a wounded man that desires to control and manipulate women and or the Earth rather than striving to work in harmony. As seen in the myths of both Sedna and Ceres, the way we treat women translates into Earth-wide archetypes involving food scarcity and withdrawing nurturing energy. The UN report states immediate action is needed to avoid an uninhabitable Earth in our lifetime. 

The new moon in Aries is all about direct immediate action. With Mercury and Jupiter nearby we could see lots of quick legislation being passed and new technological developments immediately funded. The last time I saw a nice working between Aquarius and Aries (in March 2020) we saw the passing of the CARES act which dramatically helped people afford not to work so that humanity could survive the pandemic. This kite formation is much stronger. The needs are also more pressing.

During this new moon, the north node is conjunct Venus in Taurus. Venus is our values, Taurus is about enjoying living on Earth and in our bodies. This is a critical moment. A moment to immediately change our behaviors and realize we cannot treat our home (Earth and woman's body) with disrespect any longer, or we will have nowhere to call home. No home to enjoy. Both Earth and woman can revolt. Ceres destroys life itself when she can't get her way.  Sedna will take away your food if she is not happy. Pluto will not be ignored--massive transformation will happen, and shadowy behavior will be confronted. Just go with it. In your own way, make the changes needed.  Set an intention for behavioral changes in these areas. Make changes that support sustainability and/or women's rights. Start or join a carpool, take the bus, do some free babysitting for a woman in need, plant some wild carrot seed, and give it to women who don't want to carry a child. The other option is essentially hell on Earth (global warming and remember, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned). AC does not save you at a certain point.

It is time to heal the part of you that abuses our Earth and disrespects the women who choose whether to nurture. You can force our bodies, but you cannot force our hearts. Furthermore, if you are female-identified and are suppressing yourself...please, for all of us, set yourself free. We need your company and your voice to move forward.

  • Post author
    Arati Ursus
  • aquariusastrologyflower essencesfriendshippluto