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  • Newsletter, Damiana Cacao Event & Lunar Eclipse Astrology
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Newsletter, Damiana Cacao Event & Lunar Eclipse Astrology

Newsletter, Damiana Cacao Event & Lunar Eclipse Astrology

Damiana and Cacao Event in Mexico

Open to all female identified folx. This Brown Bear Herbs and Flor de Amor chocolate collaboration will be held in Todos Santos, Mexico on the evening of Sunday, 11/28. This event is by donation. Proceeds go to benefit Los Sagrados, a non profit horse rescue that supports and empowers victims of domestic abuse.

Email for more information and/or to sign up.


Taurus Lunar Eclipse:

The full moon/lunar eclipse in Taurus is exact at 27 degrees on 11/19/21 at 12:57am PST.

Sabian symbol of 27-28 degrees of Taurus: A woman, past her "change of life", experiences a new love.

I hope the sabian symbol for this lunar eclipse offers some of us a silver lining. Unfortunately, overall this is a dark lunar eclipse with a lot of tension. I recommend staying inside, journaling instead of speaking, and doing whatever self care practices help you stay centered and calm. Silver lining 1: Neptune will be trine this is a great time for deep yet playful creative exploration.

The sun and moon are squared by Jupiter in Aquarius, increasing chances that the tension normally accompanied by the full moons and eclipses could "blow up".  Jupiter forming a square is asking for progressive change and with Jupiter, it will be big.  In addition to the eclipse, we also have Uranus in Taurus opposite Mars in Scorpio. >cringe<  This aspect is actually exact on 11/17. These two explosive planetary energies opposing each other is worrisome. Mars likes open conflict and bursting forward for their own ends. Uranus in Taurus can be counted on for unpredictable changes to our routines, home, food and Earth. Issues specifically related to possessions and possessiveness and control will be prominent. Because of general tension and erratic actions be extra careful on the road and avoid confrontations at this time. People are likely to be rebellious and very stubborn (Uranus in Taurus) or aggressive in a manipulative, power grabbing way (Mars in Scorpio). Both planets can be counted on to bring explosive changes, in our personal lives and in the world at large. Saturn is square the Mars/Uranus opposition, so real world restrictions (body or Earth limitations, the government, or bosses) will get involved in the conflict, demanding changes. Silver lining 2: Venus is sextile Mars, so if you are really lucky you might get some hot action instead of winding up in a fight or car crash. Furthermore (#3) Neptune is trine Mars. This is a time when intuition can be very helpful. Also, research tells me this aspect (Mars trine Neptune) has been used in traditional Taoist cultures as a time to mix spirituality and sex (set your intention for the best and highest form of union. I'm crossing my fingers and putting my bets on the "past 'change of life'" ladies being nimble enough to side step conflict and just go straight for the tantric sex

Stay safe! I wish you the best. 


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