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  • New Moon in Pisces Horoscopes
  • new moon horoscopespisces

New Moon in Pisces Horoscopes

New Moon in Pisces Horoscopes

New Moon Date and Time: 3/13/2021, 2:21am (PST)

New Moon in Pisces, 23.04 degrees

Sabian Symbol: A materializing medium giving a séance.

This new moon, as the Sabian symbol suggests, holds special promise around receiving messages and intuitions, dream fulfillment, and experiencing a deeply compassionate, almost mystical love. The new moon configuration includes Venus in exaltation and Neptune in its own sign. Venus and Neptune tend toward the spiritual side of love, especially favoring the arts. With Neptune there can be a disembodied and elusive aspect, something shimmering from below the waters. The veil is thin and connection to the dead can be keenly experienced. 

With Venus and Neptune, there may be a desire to indulge in Neptunian things, such as music, film, arts, service-related activities, drugs, and alcohol. Set personal boundaries to ensure that this time seeds beautiful dreams in your life and does not fuel addictions. If you know that you have pre-existing issues with substance addiction, make sure you have your supports ready because these few weeks may be challenging. 

The new moon seed gets powerful support from a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, which is indomitable energy. These dreams you spin during this period can have legs. If they are meant to build into something more than gossamer and spun sugar, they will. Sextiles facilitate and Pluto in Capricorn transforms reality. It is deliciously potent to dream with purpose.

Mars, a planet of action, is in early Gemini and moving into a trine with Saturn in Aquarius. This is a tremendous time to make real progress on many fronts in your life. Gemini can handle multiplicity and Saturn gets it done. Intellectual tasks, productive planning, writing, and communication are greatly supported during the next few weeks. You will be able to think in a clear and structured way about many different topics. Do not let this gift pass unopened!

Finally, Blessing and Opportunity are conjunct in mid-Capricorn. While this channel does not flow into the new moon seed, it is available. Those who have planets in the mid-range of the earth signs will trine this channel, which should help materialize the opportunities they are creating and seizing.

Now on to the horoscopes by sign. These horoscopes are best interpreted for your rising sign, or ascendant, but are relevant for sun and moon signs as well. To discover your ascendant, go to For a full natal reading or a quick horary question, contact me at I have been a consulting astrologer for 25 years and would love to support your flourishing.

Aries - Seeding beautiful dreams in the house of your unconscious. Keyword: Solace

You realize, after months of challenge, that in your inners-pace, you possess an ashram nested inside a sacred grove, a place that is deeply hidden and only yours, a place of great solace. It is in you and you can enter it at any time and recharge your furious battery. This new moon period shows you the door to this inner place. Step inside. You will find your ancestors, your angels, your lost loves, your pets, and friends, they are all there. You realize that nothing is ever lost, not even you.

Taurus – Seeding beautiful dreams in the house where your hope lives. Keyword: Connection

A generous feeling flows to you during this time from your social network and social platforms. You realize that you are connected, even if it is digitally, to your tribe, perhaps many tribes. This sense of connection and belonging can trigger the confidence to hope again. Hope can become fuel for the best things in your life to manifest. This will be a time when magic happens, especially when you reach out to your network, dream big, beautiful dreams, and luxuriate in the love you are receiving.

Gemini – Seeding beautiful dreams in the house of your career. Keyword: Mesmerism

This is a dreamy time for your public image if there is no lurking scandal. You can effectively project an ideal image and attract public adoration. Simply stated, you are mesmerizing. Artists, professional image-makers, performers are all highly supported during these few weeks. Public art displays and performances, especially with music or visual image, will be welcome by the masses. This is also a wonderful time for fundraising efforts for worthy causes.

Cancer – Seeding beautiful dreams in the house of your big ideas. Keyword: Vision

This new moon opens a channel to a rare sort of vision. You can see your life’s big picture. You see how it all fits together, the shape of your journey, where you are right now and where you are going. You can flow into a whole new level of compassionate understanding for yourself and for people who are radically different from you. What may have blocked your empathy before melts. You expand in profound ways. 

Leo -- Seeding beautiful dreams in the house of intimacy and resurrection. Keyword: Release

A deep release and healing from psychological burdens is available during this precious period. The past returns as blessings instead of hauntings. Your ghosts become your angels, and you release karmic debt. Personal suffering releases into compassion. If you are in an intimate relationship, it welcomes connecting with the divine nature of your love. Sacred sexuality and healing touch are juiced.

Virgo -- Seeding beautiful dreams in the house of relationship. Keyword: Love

This is a wonderful time for romantic relationships and deep friendships and less ideal for business partnerships. On the professional front, be vigilant for cons, deception around finances, and sweet talkers. Your personal relationships flow and bring a deep sense of satisfaction, like a dream come true. You can release layers of defense and connect with someone. With the support from Pluto, this connection might transform you.

Libra -- Seeding beautiful dreams in the house of service. Keyword: Empathy

During this new moon, you might feel a little tired, along with a huge sense of empathy for the suffering of others, particularly those in your community. If service, volunteerism, or social work is part of your life, this time will be deeply rewarding and fulfilling. You might have the sense that helping others is helping you to come into better alignment with yourself. You may also find that service takes many different forms, including listening deeply to your own needs for care and attention. Self-love makes all other love possible. This is a wonderful time to show yourself compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance.

Scorpio -- Seeding beautiful dreams in the house of creativity. Keyword: Creation

This new moon is a time of pure flow for you, a stream of creativity and personal expression. Artistic output can feel inspired, and your ability to make intuitive decisions and find harmonies is extraordinary. Children in your life take on a special glow. Relaxation, enjoyment, fun, connecting with your inner child, and romance are juiced during this time.


Sagittarius -- Seeding beautiful dreams in the house of roots and home. Keyword: Understanding

This new moon invites a spell of deep relaxation and enjoyment in the home, as well as familial reconnection. If the past few years have introduced rifts and divides, now is a time when they can be bridged. Healing is supported, especially healing of childhood pain and ancestral pain. Your roots are nourished by a compassionate, generously flowing spirit. You can understand your place in your family tree.

Capricorn -- Seeding beautiful dreams in the house of communication. Keyword: Flow

During this fecund time, communication flows for you, as does your mind. It absorbs things in your immediate environment, subtle vibrations, subtext, and nuance, and is receptive to synchronicities, coincidences, and seemingly fated occurrences. Your ability to connect with others through communication is heightened. It is also a great time for community service and spreading kindness in your neighborhood. If there are rifts between siblings, now you can begin to heal those rifts. You enter a compassionate state of mind easier than normal during these next few weeks. Use it like a superpower.

Aquarius -- Seeding beautiful dreams in the house of values and resources. Keyword: Abundance

You have known what it is like to be on the wheel of fortune, how it sometimes feels like a medieval torture device, but now is a time of restitution, of energy flowing back to you. What was once lost can now return. You are strengthened in material and spiritual ways. This new moon invites you to recognize your abundance and honor how you nourish and sustain your being on every level. You have the potential to tap into your spiritual resources, to become supercharged. A channel is open for replenishing your spiritual storeroom and manifesting abundance with ease.

Pisces – Seeding beautiful dreams in your own temple. Keyword: Cherish

You are tapped into energy that ranges from cosmic to musical to emotional to ghostly…it is all happening, and you are right in your element. You remember mantras, prayers, bits of songs, snippets of dreams, wisps and ribbons that weave and unweave. You are a cosmic satellite. Surround yourself with people who strengthen, protect, love, and cherish you. To soak in the pure magic of this new moon, you need to be safely cocooned from the shitheads of the world. You might feel immersed in waves of feeling, of nostalgia. You might wander, daydream, video chat, and feel extra ethereal during this gentle, spiritual time. Cherish yourself because you are the magic and its temple.

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