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  • New Moon Horoscopes by sign by Wilde + Iris
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New Moon Horoscopes by sign by Wilde + Iris

New Moon Horoscopes by sign by Wilde + Iris

The new moon of December 14, 2020 is a potent solar eclipse in Sagittarius. The key themes are TRUTH and asking for your abundance. This horoscope is good for the lunar month--the next four weeks. Horoscopes are best read by looking at your rising, or Ascendant sign. To learn your rising sign head over to you'll need your date, time (exact matters) and location of birth. If you don't know that information you can use your sun and/or moon sign. *For an all sign overview, with lots of juicy details, scroll to the bottom.* Here's how to harness the energy of the month.

*Aries: Hope in Exploration 
Have you been thinking about learning Polish or translating Rumi or taking up archery? Want to walk the Camino? Name the constellations? How about letting goof some limiting biases? Free your mind and your ass will follow, in the immortal words of Funkadelic. This new moon offers you the opportunity to explore a bigger truth. Now is the time in your life to expand your personal horizons. For some, this will trigger the desire to travel far and wide. If you can, go for it. Others will want to expand their horizons through learning a new language, or connecting with someone who lives far away, or publishing a book, or blog, or whatever gets your voice out there. Venus and the asteroid BLESS grace your ability to merge deeply with another human, if that is what you want to do. They could help ease some tax burden and bring blessing through inheritance or joint finances. Mars in Aries falls in your house of self. Mars in the house of self gives you the energy to do what you need to do if you do not undermine yourself. Be a friend to yourself. With Mars here, it can feel like you against the world, but Mars here can help you create healthy boundaries. It helps you fight for yourself.  Neptune is nestled in the house of your unconscious, high up in the attic, where it seeds your dreams and feeds your intuition. The risk here is believing you are psychologically more damaged than you actually are.  Allies to help you manifest luck and abundance are romantic and business partners and pals, people in your social network. Look for the smart, airy types for help. 

*Taurus: Hope in Transformation
The eclipse invites you to transform on a private, intimate level. It is not about your public standing or your pecking order in a family. It is time for a soul-level check-in.  It may be about consolidating your debts, both material and spiritual, and understanding the big picture of your many inheritances. This is also a time to think about what you are leaving as your personal legacy. You may be asked to honestly examine what deep partnership looks like for you.  How do you achieve radical honesty and self-realization when committed? Are there changes that need to be made so you can be true to your soul? On a more mundane level, there may be a sudden realization that your debt situation needs to change. The piper, whomever that is for you, will be paid. It might feel like your mind has turned against you with violent, intense dreams and sudden anger at mysterious triggers. When this happens, follow the anger instead of suppressing it. As much as you do not like to shake the boat, hiding your anger is also hiding your power. Speaking of power, this is a period where you will have super-human strength to overcome trauma. Allies are found at work and in your socio-professional sphere to tap into luck and abundance. Remember to ask for it.

*Gemini: Hope in Partnership
Curtain rises on a new chapter in relationships, both business and personal. Instead of getting caught up in the details of relationships, this time invites you to look at the big picture: the purpose for the relationships in your life and what they are teaching you. Relationships will be a rich source of knowledge for you. Your relationship horizons expand.  Expect a blast from the past, an old flame or a former business partner. This person presents you with an opportunity that impacts your social standing and professional life. While it may be phenomenal, read the small print. Is it still magic? If so, aim true and go for it. Venus and Bless enrich your daily routine and your health struggles. You have energy to relentlessly pursue your hopes and dreams during this time. Get out there. Network. Engage your community and fight hard for your goals. You got you. Allies to manifest luck and abundance are the people you have fun and create with, as well as long-distance friends, advisors, lawyers, spiritual guides, and teachers.

*Cancer: Hope in Integration
The curtain rises on the sector of your life that highlights your health and healthy routines, your daily work/life balance, and how you process, or integrate, all the inputs that you receive. Integration involves synthesizing to create synergies; things become more than the sum of their parts. This eclipse presents the opportunity to integrate on a big level, moving from dis-ease to integrity. It heralds a season of healing. This might mean making positive shifts in diet and exercise routines. Yoga, cleanses, therapy, and meditation are supported now. It might mean integrating parts of yourself that are exiled, outsider, or shunned. Shamanic work, soul-retrieval, spirit journeying might help integration. Parts of you that have been lost can now be found; parts of you that have been hidden, now revealed. Someone from your past presents an opportunity for healing. Make sure that this person, or what they offer, aligns with your moral and ethical code. During the next few months, you have energy for your public life, your career, your standing in the world. Advocate for yourself. Get fired up and go get it. Venus and Bless grace your sector of romance, children, fun, play, and personal expansion. Transformative sex and deeply satisfying creative projects are supported. Parents and committed partners are allies to manifest luck and abundance. 

*Leo: Hope in Creative Expression
Do you express your truth? Do you shine your light? This eclipse invites you to look at how you express yourself in the world. There is a whole new stage of self-expression dawning that is expansive, hopeful, and refreshingly authentic. Exploration is the theme. Explore what gives you real pleasure, what fun means to you now. Romance started during this period has an optimistic, active flavor. A window of opportunity has opened to start your own business if entrepreneurship interests you.  This is a time when, without effort on your part, you will receive spiritual forgiveness. Your karmic load lightens over the next six months. If you need to fight for your beliefs, for the underdog, for better truths, for more justice, you hold the flaming sword. Use it. Neighbors and siblings are allies in manifesting luck and abundance. Ask for what you want, or what is possible.

*Virgo: Hope at Home
The curtain rises onto your home and ancestral legacy. What are the gifts, blessings, and opportunities that come from being who you are? During this time, there is a focus on your roots and foundation. Each generation adds another layer to the family story. Let go of damaging narratives, family gossip, and limiting self-talk. You are the embodiment of the dream of your ancestors. In a literal sense, changes at home need to happen. More space or freedom; less ball and chain. Sometimes home repair or redecoration projects are initiated; sometimes a change of residence for you or your parents. You have energy to work through some powerful personal transformations, as well as a reverence for life’s intense birth and death cycles. Relationships may be tricky during this period, whether personal or business. People may not be as they appear, and it will be difficult to discern this. Take care with contracts. Be vigilant against people who drain you. Colleagues and those associated with your resources and values can be allies in manifesting luck and abundance. 

*Libra: Hope in New Stories
What do you think about yourself? How do you tell your story to others? This period invites you to explore the bigger truth of your story. Go beneath the façade, go behind the curtains. Start writing your next chapter. Explore your neighborhood and community. Enjoy your local library. Make your garden your oasis. Thank your phone and computer for keeping you plugged in. You have the opportunity now to think bigger about your life and to communicate powerfully. It is especially important in the next few months to consciously practice honesty. There will be a tendency to tell tall tales, to exaggerate or oversimplify. Venus and Bless are in the sector of personal resources and values. This is a boon for you. Give yourself a raise. You have plenty of energy for relationships during this time, though they might be a little feisty. Take care not to give your power away to a partner. While relationships energize you, you may feel lethargic overall. Take the naps so your unconscious can process. Drink water. Allies to manifest luck and abundance are the people you have fun and create with, including children and lovers.

*Scorpio: Hope in Personal Resources
What is the truth about how you feel about money, how you use it, how you make it, how you relate to it? Is this an area where you could use some healthy perspective? While you may not be overly materialistic, money supports your personal freedom, so now is a good time to reevaluate its role in your life. This eclipse ushers in a new story in your money situation and what you value. Somebody from the past presents an opportunity to expand your material state. If this opportunity has anything to do with highly speculative investing, gambling, sports, the arts, or children, proceed with your eyes wide open. The opportunity may be golden but vet it.Venus and Bless are in your house of self. Honor your body, your beauty, and your personal power. Practice a self-care ritual that brings you in touch with your body. Recreation and romance may take on a creative, soulful flavor. Take care that your material resources are not drained by your pursuit of fun and self-expression. You will have renewed energy to address your health issues. It may be time to get a needed surgery. Healing routines begun during this time can be transformative. Family members and spiritual caretakers are allies supporting your manifestation ofluck and abundance.

*Sagittarius: You are the Story of Hope
What parts of yourself do you want to bring into the future? What parts of yourself do you want to leave behind? This eclipse speaks to you as a person. Things are changing in your life on a fundamental level. You can creatively engage in personal development. Are you growing in the directions you want to grow? What important lessons have you learned? How are you embodying them? How are you the change you want to see? Now is a period of personal growth and an opportunity to heal BIG TIME. You might realize that you have been mistaken, misguided, misled, or misdirected about something important to you. Part of the learning process is growing out of beliefs and ideas that no longer serve you. During the next few months, you have a heightened ability to receive spiritual love and guidance. Now is a great time to beautify your personal altar or to create one. You have ancestors, baby! Show your grandmothers some love. Your home should offer a place of retreat, comfort, and escape during the next few months. It would be a great time to take care of any water intrusion or mold in the home to ensure that the space is one of healing and comfort and not one that secretly makes you ill. Friends, acquaintances, buddies, people you serve with on committees and in social groups are allies in manifesting luck and abundance.

*Capricorn: Hope in Spirit
Over the course of the next few months, you will learn that you carry your freedom inside you; it is one of your deepest spiritual gifts. During this special time, your spirit guides are going to be illuminated and reachable. This is a time of, “If you seek, you will find.” Spiritual comfort is the only real comfort, and the next few months offer a precious portal into your spirit place. Greet your ancestors. Find your spirit animal. Thank your angels. Whatever this might mean for you, now is a time for sacred journeying. It is also a time to examine your fears, phobias, and psychological debris in a bright light and clean out your closets. You carry a lot because innately you are responsible and preserving. But what is all this old baggage doing for you other than banging around at night, disturbing your sleep? Dig this – everyone, including yourself -- did their best at the time. So, bag up whatever you need to bag up and burn it in a great psychic bonfire. Life is hard enough. Honor your struggle and lighten your own load. This eclipse gives you an opportunity to practice self-care on the highest order: compassion for yourself, seeing your soul in all its rugged, hard-earned beauty, and welcoming it home.Venus and Bless perch in the sector of your social network, friends, hopes, and dreams, making it a good time for social media efforts and connecting online. You will have energy to get some home projects started and create new family experiences. Your boss and people involved with your resources are allies to manifest luck and abundance. Ask for it.

*Aquarius: Hope Renewed
Remember hope? That thing with feathers? Well, it has been an exhausting flight, but hope is coming home to roost. What do you hope for, at this point in your life? You may find that what you had hoped for and the goals you had set are no longer relevant. What is the new truth? What is your big picture? Without a big picture, it can be hard for an Aquarius to navigate through life. Why bother if it does not really matter? These next few months give you an opportunity to recalibrate your life plan, reset goals, and reorient yourself toward the next chapter. The future has changed, your options have expanded. You have the opportunity now to reshape what hope means in your life. Take this opportunity because hope is one of those things that you miss when it is gone. For an Aquarius, you do not just miss it. Loss of hope triggers apathy and bitterness. Speaking of apathy and bitterness, how are you doing with accepting love and kindness? Can you expand your heart a little more to accept warmth from others? Venus and Bless are in your career/public life sector, so now is a great time to GO FOR IT. Resources can have a way of dissipating, disappearing, and not being as solid as they seemed. Watch your pennies, but do not be fearful. Keep your eye on your material resources so your spiritual resources can overflow. You will be a busy bee. Take care when driving and do not, under anycircumstances, text and drive. Allies might be teachers, professors, lawyers, gurus, astrologers, and friends met while travelling. They can help you manifest Luck and Abundance if you ask. 

*Pisces: Hope in Public Life
This eclipse is juicing your career sector and public life. It is time for a new story here, one that is bigger, brighter, and more hopeful than ever before. It has been a very tough time and you have likely fallen hard since 2018. Your scars make you beautiful, and now it is time to step into the light. Neptune is in the mansion of yourself, your body. This can be deceptively weakening. You are not a victim, a martyr, an unicorn, a drowned man, a hanging woman, a living memory, or a ghost. You are embodied, and part of being embodied is being responsible for your body. These next few months will find you porous, and in need of rest, relaxation, and fortification. Focus on strengthening your immune system.You have the energy and will to work for your money. This could be a time of increase and material improvement. Spiritual allies and other people’s money (partner’s resources, perhaps, orinheritance or tax breaks) help you manifest luck and abundance.


Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius--Overview

This new moon is a powerful solar eclipse. Eclipses initiate important change processes in life. During a solar eclipse something ends, the curtains fall, and the lights dim. End of an act. Then the curtains rise on a new scene. In theater, the change between acts is obvious and explicit. In real life, changes take time to evolve. Eclipses move your life story along. The part of your life the eclipse lights up will be an area of change and activity for the next six months. This horoscope includes a few special asteroids, including Abundantia, Fortuna, Bless, Opportunity, and Tyche, which signals luck. Opportunity conjuncts the Sun and Moon, making it a player in the eclipse story. Wherever the eclipse falls for you, Opportunity is there as well. Along with Opportunity, the moon’s south node and Mercury are all dressed up in Sagittarius, ready to rock your world. But that is not all. The asteroid Bless is conjunct Venus at the tail end of Scorpio. Both Bless and Venus are parallel to Jupiter which is a chord of Big Blessings. Another gift is an air trine between Luck (Tyche) and Abundance. Since the trine is in air, it will be activated by intentional communication. The message here: you need to ask for your lucky abundance. Two more energies stand out: Mars and Neptune. Mars in Aries is in a fire trine to the eclipse cluster. This helps you take action, get inspired, and make things happen. However, the actions may be fear-tinged and controlling due to asquare between Mars and Pluto, but action is action. Mars in Aries helps you bebrave. Finally, the eclipse cluster squares Neptune. Neptune squares are often hard to notice until it is too late, so here is the head’s up. Neptune promises the world and delivers spun sugar that dissolves in the rain. This eclipse brings Opportunity to your door, but make sure you kick the tires. This new moon in Sagittarius is aiming for the TRUTH. Battling illusions and deception makes sense when the truth is at stake. Neptune, well-placed in Pisces, sandwiches between the asteroid Fortuna and the Arabian Part of Fortune and is in wide conjunction to Ceres. There is potential for spiritual nourishment, but do not underestimate the Neptune square. You may be deceived, or be the unintentional deceiver. Use your words and insight to smoke out the truth. 

In grace,
Nicole Zdeb, Wilde + Iris

Nicole Zdeb has been a consulting astrologer for twenty-five years. For a personalized horoscope, answer to a horary question, or astrology reading, contact Nicole at

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