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  • Ground New Year's Resolutions during the New Moon in Capricorn
  • quit tobaccotobacco cessation

Ground New Year's Resolutions during the New Moon in Capricorn

Ground New Year's Resolutions during the New Moon in Capricorn

Happy New Year!

If quitting tobacco is one of your resolutions for 2019, be sure to increase your likelihood of success by creating a smoking cessation plan. Why? 94%-97% of those who attempt to quit smoking without a plan fail. If you're looking for an option beyond nicotine replacement therapy, prescription medications, and e-cigarettes, Brown Bear herbal cigarettes can be a great alternative.

Advantages of Herbal Cigarettes

  • Smoking herbs enables you to connect directly with the plant's powerful energy
  • Herbs support your immune and nervous system while you detox
  • You can drop the tobacco and addiction and still have the ritual when you want it

On Saturday, January 5 at 5:41 PM PST/8:41 PM EST, there will be a new moon partial solar eclipse in Capricorn. Utilize this extra-potent eclipse energy by engaging in rituals that focus on creating new habits that will support you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This can be a tall order, as the energies ask us to dissolve any addictive patterns that are no longer serving us. Luckily, this new moon is in Capricorn, the sea-goat, known for its ability to accomplish goals that others find impossible--mainly because it refuses to stop going after what it wants even when the going gets tough! So, write down a list of what you want to create for yourself by giving up tobacco i.e., better health, instead of what you're "resolved to do." Focusing on the outcomes you desire to manifest instead of what you're giving up can help you feel more empowered.

If you're not sure which herbal smokes to start with, consider trying Take it Easy. This blend helps both with the long-term stress on your body that smoking habitually causes AND the stress of coming off of nicotine, and perhaps some of the stress that caused you to use tobacco as a coping mechanism to begin with. The other herbs in the blend help your brain think you've had some nicotine without the addiction continuing (lobelia interacts with same neuroreceptors), healing the damage to your heart chakra that regular smoking causes (rose), relaxing that body even more (catnip), and helping heal your lungs (mullein). This blend has been said to be really great if you have headaches or insomnia too--see if it works for you and tell us if it does!

  • quit tobaccotobacco cessation