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  • Full Moon in Capricorn Astrology & Herbs
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Full Moon in Capricorn Astrology & Herbs

Full Moon in Capricorn Astrology & Herbs

Arati's Recommendations: Damiana & Devil's Club--Sensuality vs BACK OFF

Are you looking to invite people in or keep people out? Damiana is helpful for grounding and getting sensual. Check the last post for more Damiana info. If you need to guard against folx with negative energy...give Devil's Club a try. Interested in these and other ways to explore adjusting your boundaries with herbs? Watch this video: Boundaries: Thick and Thin.

The Full Moon in Capricorn is exact at 11:40am PST at 3 degrees of Capricorn.

On the chart of the full moon below (from, provider of free charts) that there are blue and red lines. The blue lines are harmonious/supportive aspects between the celestial bodies. The red lines are tense aspects (read growth opportunities). This full moon appears to be a less stressful one! 

The opposition between sun and moon (that which defines all full moons) is supported this time by Jupiter. Jupiter just turned retrograde in early Pisces on 6/21 (it will go direct again in mid October). The full moon in Capricorn explores themes of father vs mother, discipline vs nurture, work vs home. The moon will be all lit up but, the two luminaries are facing off, asking for equal recognition. Jupiter in Pisces offers us an avenue for expressing creatively our experiences or delving into spirit to see the unity in the apparent duality. Tap into this gift. When a planet is at a relatively still point (going from direct to retrograde or vice versa) it tends to have even more power. Jupiter will be extra strong and is happy in Pisces where it can navigate & explore deep waters of emotions. Since it is retrograde try using techniques from the past instead of trying something new. 

A little more tense (and lasting a bit longer) is a T-square between Mars in Leo, Saturn in Aquarius (in retrograde, yes retrograde season is starting) and Uranus in Taurus. Mars adds a lot of tension and ego tripping to an already tense dynamic between Saturn and Uranus. The square between Saturn and Uranus started earlier this year. In some ways I am a fan of this square. Saturn likes to be in Aquarius and is forming structures in our communities that better serve the people. Uranus is not comfortable for us in Taurus. Yet, Uranus in Taurus points to important issues that need to be addressed. Uranus is the outer planet, so its dictates will win out over Saturn (asking for progress in the realm of materialism). To me the two energies seem supportive of each other's goals. Ultimately we (humans on Earth) need progress and dramatic change is necessary. So, I truly feel this is a great opportunity for progress around money, use of animals for food (currently lots of growth in fake meat, which is especially important given the mass animal slaughters that had to happen due to the pandemic last year--we need more human options), treatment of the Earth, global warming, etc (all of which are Taurus concerns that Uranus has be ability to change for the better). Uranus says change can happen quickly even in our daily routines that we may wish would always stay the same. We saw how quickly smog lifted when we were in lockdown. We may think we can't change global warming and our activities that contribute to it but we can. Adding Mars in Leo to this square could bring some aggression. This should peak in early July (especially Independence Day here in the USA). This could result in interpersonal issues (try Devil's Club in small doses to let things roll off a little easier). It also could result in an upsurge in protests. My favorite strategy for dealing with a T-square is to engage with the energies of the sign that would make it a grand cross. In this case: Scorpio. Tap into Scorpio's ability to strategize, see deep undercurrents and recognize motivations. Scorpio knows how to maintain control and see through the ups and downs of life. Scorpio is also rules sex. Observe, meditate or distract yourself Scorpio style in early July. If you know your chart take a look at what area of your life 12-14 degrees of Scorpio, or what planets are there and tune in to that stuff to balance it out. 


My best to all of you,




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