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  • Astrology: A Look at 2020 from the Middle of It.
  • 2020astrologycovid19politics

Astrology: A Look at 2020 from the Middle of It.

Astrology: A Look at 2020 from the Middle of It.


Big Astrological Shift suggesting revolutionary changes. 
The current astrological picture reflects the intensity we have been experiencing in 2020. Things are particularly tense the last ten days of June. The longterm forecast looks favorable to me (watch out: I am a Libra and we can be a little overly optimistic ;) lol).  If you read no further, this new moon/eclipse in Cancer is a good time to set your own intention for your family and/or our global family. Give someone a hug. If the only one around is you, hug yourself!

The eclipse is exact at 11:40pm PST on 6/20 and 2:40am ET at 0 degrees of Cancer, this is the Summer solstice/longest day of the year. It will be visible in parts of central Africa, Northern India and Pakistan and China. Eclipses that happen on the cardinal axes (the solstices and equinoxes) often mark revolutionary shifts.  This one will be acted out primarily through a sense of nurturing, empathy, emotion (all associated with the Cancer sign). We very much need to learn to empathize with people and listen to their individual stories. We need to start considering that people from different backgrounds are all members of families. Imagine if you own close family member was being treated in an injust way (there are so many examples at present to choose from). Then, respond with the same thoughtfulness and heart as you would give a close family member. As a capitalistic society we tend to encourage or permit sociopathic tendancies. That's really not good. If you came from a less than empathetic family now is a great time to change what family can be in your life. Take your intention setting time to mentally compile the best versions of family relationships and dynamics that are in your awareness. If that is not enough, imagine new ones.  Keep these in mind going forward and work towards them. Families are full of struggles and challenges as we go through life but, ideally we are committed to each other and can emotionally support each other through our ups and downs. That commitment is really valuable. Eclipses can have an impact for about six months. Often dramatic events are put into motion by the eclipse energy but their effect is not fully seen immediately. 

Mercury is in retrograde til 7/11 Recommendations: proof read and fact check, double check plans, etc. Take advantage of this time for some deep thoughts about family, emotions, and empathy. This is happening in Cancer sign as well (nurturing, having and honoring emotions, being a crab), mercury rules thoughts, communication and short distance travel. Need to finish some family business or revisit a challenging discussion? It could be a good time to do just that, just make sure to devote energy to empathy and care for everyone involved (that includes you).  

Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct in Capricorn three times in 2020. The Jupiter/Pluto aspect signals peaks in ongoing issues with abuse of power at the expense of the masses. In this case it is in relations to hierarchical power structures like the government. Many pandemics happened during Jupiter/Pluto conjunction (including Black Death, AIDS outbreak, 1918 Flu Pandemic). It is also associated with large scale political shifts.  In a series of three conjunctions the first time the two planets meet at the same degree of the zodiac a problem is introduced. The conjunction was first exact on 4/3 when we had the peak in COVID19 deaths in Spain, daily cases in NYC also peaked. The second conjunction is a result of retrograde movement, asking us to revisit the issue and are required to revise our tactics to be more effective. This conjunction will happen 6/30. The fact that many lives can be lost through the act of protesting due to COVID19 spread is good leverage for pushing reforms through. Protest with care to increase impact while reducing negative outcomes. By the time the third conjunction happens (on 11/12) we typically have the knowledge needed to work with the insight and experiences we have gathered thus far. November 12th is 9 days after the US presidential elections. Just enough time for most people to incubate the virus. 

Based on the archetypes at play I am concerned about our voting rights and healthcare issues related to being crowded together. I encourage you to determine whether you can vote by mail. If this is not currently possible do what you can to make it possible for you and your community. Please vote as early as possible from a distance. Vote to install a leader to help as many people as possible. The USPS is under strain and is a necessary component. Stay aware of the situation with the USPS, it is vital to our democracy. Regardless of how things work out with the election and the resultant spread of the virus, we should be prepared to deal with it effectively by that time. 

More optimistically, let's look ahead to December and the Winter Solstice. Jupiter and Saturn will leave conservative, rigid Capricorn and enter the more progressive sign of Aquarius. They are conjunct (in the same place) at 0 degrees of Aquarius on 12/19. This is known as the 'great conjunction' and often signifies the end of an old way of doing things and being of new. This conjunction happens every 20 years but this year it is the beginning of a new 200 year cycle. The last two hundred years these conjunctions have been happening in earth signs and now will be happening for 200 years in air sign. Perhaps indicating 200 years of intellectual breakthroughs. 12/19/20 will be the closest great conjunction since 1623 (meaning the planets approach the same point in the sky most tightly) indicating a stronger impact.

To understand the era that is ending and what may be beginning it helps to look at what has happened in relation to the pandemic and US politics as the slower moving planets of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto have been in Capricorn. 
The CARES Act was introduced when Saturn and Pluto were conjunct in Capricorn on 1/24. This indicates there was already a very large concern related to the effects of COVID19 on the US population. This planetary duo has often been thought of as a hellish astrological combination. It functions to bring the hellish to light to purge and transform. Historically it has often shown oppression we cannot deny in the form of famine, disease, war, injustice, etc. The oppression and killing of Black people, the horrifyingly unhealthy conditions that we keep our elders in and the use of the US government as an economic tool to benefit the few at the expense of the country's physical and economic wellbeing are examples today. 1/24/20 was also the new moon in Aquarius. It was a particularly auspicious time to set intentions of an Aquarian nature, which tend to be forward thinking, scientifically based, with humanitarian goals.

On 3/24 Saturn went into Aquarius and the moon was new in Aries, conjunct chiron (making this a pivotal moment for helping isolated people perservere). The shift of Saturn into Aquarius was positive. These astrological conditions had the determined fighter energy (Aries) for making changes to structure (saturn) that are forward thinking, humanitarian and scientifically based (Aquarius). The CARES act passed unanimously the next day. The shift of Saturn into Aquarius also relates to restrictions (Saturn) on air travel (Aquarius). At this point Pluto, Jupiter and Mars were conjunct in Capricorn and we continued to see governmental power plays and manipulation surrounded health resources, as well as abuses of the CARES act funds, not to mention his ongoing racism and sexism. Trump is favoring the economic benefits of a few businesses at the expense of global health. If we are irresponsible about our health in the USA and anyone is traveling out of the country, we are undermining the work of countries who have been diligent in stopping the spread of the virus and cause deaths. Essentially Trump has been running health care like its first function is to make a money. Some examples: He gave the entire contract for ventilators to GM, and then made ventilators available to the highest bidders, this caused delays and deaths. Other supplies were treated in the same way (gloves, masks, etc) causing emergent surgeries, lab draws, and basic patient cares to be performed without necessary personal protective equipment, exposing patients to any number of hospital acquired infections. Throughout history a more functional model of healthcare provision is one that prioritizes health over economics.  These models would rather provide healthcare for free than risk losing lives. Healthcare is a basic human right.  Another major abuse of power seen at this time: larger businesses and well endowed colleges soaking up small business loans made possible through the CARES act. These funds should have been there to help small businesses continue to keep people employed. This would enable individuals and families to have food and shelter, not protect savings accounts. 
I see the moment of Saturn going briefly into Aquarius last March and the CARES act passing as a preview for what is to come beginning at the great conjunction. Since this great conjunction is happening in Aquarius it seems even more positive for progressive thought that takes care of a worldwide "us". I see this virus as teaching us how undeniably interconnected we are. It is not possible to ignore another person's health. Each person needs access to evidence-based, compassionate healthcare or it has the potential to adversely the entire world. A properly functioning first world government should ensure this. The necessary shifts may impose limiting structures around travel (ie shifting the focus of health monitoring) and other areas of our life but, I expect that they would be put in place to protect the greater good and the welfare of humankind.  At this time the only slow moving planet left in Capricorn will be pluto (until 2023). I would expect to see a continuing exposure of corruption in the government and other hierarchical systems (schools, religions, larger organizations and corporations) until 2023. With the energy in Aquarius in 2021 (Jupiter moves to Pisces 12/29/21) we have the energy available to make lots of legal and ideological changes to create a much more progressive, humanitarian society. 
My New Moon in Cancer Intention: 
To take the energy of this Cancer eclipse and bring us to an Aquarian mindset...

My hope is we start seeing the population of Earth as a global family. I hope people begin to understand how each of our decisions effect the whole and act on this knowledge. For example, understand that present day use of child laborers, etc in other countries is an abuse similar to use slavery in the South. If we would not want our families members to suffer like this, let's work to end it for all. If we do not, correcting the discrimination of Black people in this country will be covering up a larger problem of greed trumping humanity.

I pray we resurrect our relationships with elders and other people dependent on care. I have worked in many nursing homes and am not surprised by the impact this virus had those residents. In all of the care facilities I visited what made the biggest difference is engagement on the family's behalf. Whether your elders are at home or away, find ways to protect them. Ideally when this virus has passed by keeping them close. Remember who wiped your butt, or your parent's butts.

Good luck and good health,
from the 6/18/20 newsletter
  • 2020astrologycovid19politics